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to the microphone and give a big applause to all our brian's. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, thank you steven e steve i'm not sure though how to respond to this picture. i want to commit all brian's on their names. i'm honored to think here. i've been sobered with this project throughout any 18 years as a staff person in the state senate and more recently in the brown administration for the past 15 months. i'll say over the 18 years this project has had an effect on me. it's had time to inspire me and frustrate me and today having seen the final project it expresses me. there are thousands of men and women who gave much of themselves to see this project accomplished. it's their work and their resolve and their friendship that i want to spend a moment honoring. first optimistic continue in day you can't let a moment pass without honoring the men and women in the labor community who did the work. i want to acknowledge all of them (clapping) secondly i know owe loves to be acknowledged. the second brian has given me so much guidance i've got to tip my hat to dr. brian ma iron (clapping) dr. ma iron is ent
. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how does it look? >> every day is pam cook day. we do have a little system right there. that is it. boy that is all you need to scour out most of the fog. i say most because there is a couple little patches around. it will be a cooler morning as well as temperatures settle into 40s and some 30s. napa airport says 36. santa rosa 50. because we have a north wind at seven. antioch says 56. concord says 46. if you're out in antioch and brentwood i saw 55 and 56. so i have to go with it. 62 for san francisco today. maybe a patch or two of fog. if i don't think it will amount to anything. 44 top start for san jose and go for a high of very cool 65 today. temperatures coming down from the mid 70s. there could be a little wrap around snow. my buddy john is up there. maybe he will tweet me and say paulson its snowing up here. cooler temps today. not the 70s. only 60s. and maybe a few upper 50s closer to the coast. here is sal. >>> all right, steve, good morning. we are looking at a decent drive in case you try to get somewh
. >> the mayor of toronto spoke words again today. that's all i u need to know. >> plus the guy who found steve jobs and we ka walk our way to recovery and the winner of the cor cor cornacki challenge. ♪ >> house republicans just pushed through a bill allowing insurance companies to sell individual companies even if they are crappy, it sounds similar to the executive fix the president announced. the difference is it allows insurers to sell those plans to new customers as well so you too can get screwed if you want. 39 house democrats voted for the bill. even if it passes the democratically led senate, the president has said it's dead on arrival. jay carney didn't have much to say about the upton bill but happy to spin the numbers and we reported it here first. >> what we did not expect was that we would have the precise problem we had come october 1st. if we had expected that, we wouldn't have been promoting the launch of the website in the way we were. >> nbc's kristen welker, insurance company ceos just arrived for meeting with the president. what do we hear about that? >> just to put this
for am lot of 60s -- for a lot of 60s here. >>> steve, right now traffic is doing pretty well. its off to a nice start on this early friday morning and the fog fog as yo mentioned is -- as you mentioned is not as thick. also the morning commute continues to look good for you are moving on interstate 880. we look at 580 coming in from the altamont pass. this is probably the best it will look today. its nice and wide open. now let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with developing news from the south bay. janine de la vega is the the scene. janine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. sheriffs deputies are in the early stages of this investigation here in the parking lot of the santa fe taqueria. police and sheriffs departments received multiple 911 calls that shots were fired. when emergency crews arrived they found a man on the ground unaccording who had been shot at least one time. they were unable to revive him. there were several witnesses in the area and investigators are interviewing them to find out more information. its unknown what led up to the shooting. >> we need
. [ speaking italian ] lupini. lupini! i'm rick steves, back with more of the best of europe. this time, we're exploring naples. it's a city that's living in the streets today as it has for centuries. bella napoli. it's loveable chaos. naples is italy in the extreme. if you like italy as far south as rome, go further south. it just gets better. if italy's getting a little overwhelming by the time you get down to rome, think twice about going further. italy intensifies as you plunge deeper. and plunging deeper, that's exactly what we're doing this time as we explore naples. [ speaking italian ] we'll go shopping neapolitan style, dodge scooters in naples' crazy traffic, explore the city's vibrant neighborhoods, admire exquisite ancient mosaics, taste pizza in its birthplace. then we climb the lip of a slumbering volcano and wander the amazing ruins of the roman town it destroyed. so many european travel dreams take you to italy. the bay of naples area, about three hours south of rome, is filled with fun and fascination. from naples, we'll climb smoldering mount vesuvius and visit the ruins o
to be joined by senator ron johnson and steve scalise at 7:30. first up, let's ask our health care experts what they think about the president's announcements today. joining us is gavin newson, bob, president of health policy and hchl hadley heath. there may be less there than meets the eye regarding what president obama said as reported by our own bob harwood and robert costa. up to the insurance commissioners, up to the insurance companies themselves. do you think canceled policies will be restored in any bulk size? >> probably not. this is really an administrative mess. one company has said that they are going to try to do it, florida bluecross. most other companies are having a good time with this. this is nothing more than the president throwing the hot poe pat toe about cancellations back to the health insurance companies. the insurance companies, to do this, only have 31 days to right the ship here. this is coming from the president who built in three years and it doesn't work and he's telling the insurance industry that in 31 days, because december 15th is the deadline, t
bond purchases. steve forbes with the fix. what affect it might have on the insurance costs and the economy. and on whether or not the president's fix is even legal, constitution rally or not. we're coming right back. >> president obama said he fumbled the roll out of obamacare but he has a fix. it is legal? will it work? does it matter? congressman trey goudie is next. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. lou: secretary of state john kerry urging congress to hold off on new sanctions against iran saying they could jeopardize nuclear talks with iran. >> we rob full believ respectfut the executive branch deserves the right to negotiate and present them with something, this is not the moment to second guess that process, wh
. >>> steve, good morning. we are looking at the traffic that is mostly calm out there. there are a lot of people out there already driving somewhere. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. its backed up for a five to ten minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. also we are looking at 880 north and southbound. that traffic is moving along very nicely as you drive through there. there are no major problems. there is a report of a car fire. northbound 87 and some three young men were seen running away from the car fire after it started. according to witnesses. so san jose police and chp are on the way. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are following developing news mismorning. santa clara county sheriffs deputies remain at the scene of a deadly shooting outside of a restaurant. it happened just before 10:00 last night on white road. this is in an area of east san jose. deputies found the male victim in the parking lot of the san jose taquria. there are no suspects at this time but since white road is a heavily traveled area, deputies open someone may have seen something. ja
weather and traffic. steve has your forecast. >> i do indeed. the big message today and all the twitter responses coming in. oh, my gosh it's cooler out there. the highs 58 to 60. lows in the 40s. it feels colder than that to me. a system that's clipping the sierra nevada is responsible or you can blame it, thank it whatever you want to do. there's a hint of fog, but most of it i think is going to get wiped out pretty fast. 34 at the napa airport. a little breeze. there are a lot of 40s and you throw the breeze in, oh, my goodness, that's cutting through me. san francisco will start at 50. i've seen upper 40s. and a high of 62 in san jose. to 44 degrees. only a high of 65. the highs coming down from the seasonally warm temps we had a couple days ago with mid- to upper 70s. it it will be sunny. it will be breezy and it's going to be cool as well. temperatures, only patchy fog in the morning. i don't think it will last very long. a lot of 60s. mainly mid-60s or upper 60s. i don't think they'll feel warm. >>> good morning, traffic is going to be a little bit slow in some areas. watch for s
. >> i'm not sure about -- sorry. talking to -- with john -- with steve williams i only had brief conversations with him which i don't regard as numerous. i was out of town for three months, part of june, july, august and september. i i was available by email, telephone. people have my numbers so i wasn't avoiding anybody. as far as the issue on the easement for the fire problem i really feel it's a dangerous problem there with what is created. mr. strickland did offer to put sprinklers in the thing. i said "how do they work?" and i have yet to get an answer on that. i can't see how putting sprinklers in my rear yard works when the fire could be elsewhere. what triggers the springers? so i just can't see that and we have gone no where with that and mr. williams was going to get a schematic of how they work. i have received nothing and again talking to the architect, talking to -- trying to reach mr. strickland i had no cooperation whatsoever trying to resolve these problems. hence i filed this and basically not going with the city code. >> thank you very much. project s
the executive directors authority we did an rrp. you approved initially the bond council with steve mall with his firm. at that point we also selected self disclosure council bill lofton and he's here today. so just before i introduce the team, the next steps will be that if you approve this resolution today it will go to the oversight board next week and if they approve it, it will go to department of finances. hopefully it will be sooner to offer their concurrence with this bond sale. and we are also waiting for the approval authority on the rocks to expend any proceeds then we can finalize it and get it to market. we are going total board of supervisors to increase the authority up to $70 million. with that i would like to point out the finance team members that we have in the audiences. bond council we have steve mall khan, joe watson, bob gamble and from the underwriteers jay chasmsky
panel, steve haze of the weekly standard, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. before we get to the action in the house, the president met with officials from some of the biggest insurance companies today. steve, is his fix really about trying to solve these problems to get these canceled policies restored, or is it more about shifting blame to those insurance companies? >> it's entirely about shifting blame to those insurance companies. one of the things that was most interesting about his comments yesterday is how substance free, how policy free they actually were. and at one point in the course of his statement the president and what has to be considered a gaffe announced that the key point, his words, the key point here is that he not be held responsible but the blame be put on the insurance company. he said it at his own press conference. that's what it was about. >> you know, chuck, the insurance companies and the state regulators, you have to feel for them to some degree because they have spent years, more than three years now, trying to build a structure to comply wit
amy worth (clapping) >> thank you, very much. steve i'm honored to be here to welcome i all and to say what a great a day and congratulations to everyone. it really is a glorious day. being around the eastern span one of the things you may have noticed it that construction is not an old boy's club anymore. it's something that video news man mark john noticed when he was documenting the bridge. so he's done more than 20 oral histories. and he comprised a short video precisely some of the women who have transcribed to the ante span. please join me >> i work in san francisco my mother worked on the new bridge and my brother. my mom worked on the first and second phase with me for another one of the contractors that were out here. and my grandfather worked on the original span but it's been fun. >> it's one of those projects that's come in a lifetime. >> it's seeing it take a look take shape. when i finish our work you see something >> i work for the superintendent of the project. so no days even the same. it's interesting like i said in high school i'm going to work and build
'm trying to fix it. >> joining me now, host of msnbc's "up with steve" on the weekends and msnbc analyst, eugene robinson. i thought the president answered major garret's question very well. i thought it made perfect sense but i'm not the test audience. how do you think that sounded to voters out there, who just aren't quite sure what's happening this week? >> i don't think ended up not being accurate was possibly the best phrase he could have used. but actually, i think it probably came off pretty well to average voters. everybody loves a good mea culpa. i think he was officially contrite. at the same time, sufficiently resolute in saying i'm not going to turn my back on 40 million americans who don't have health care insurance. we're going to move this forward, fix it. right now we're going to fix this one problem and maybe there will be other problems we need to fix. we certainly need to get the website fixed but we're going to move ahead with it. i think people will be more receptive than not to that sort of measure. >> steve, i think i may be too steeped in legislative language and
homes. abc's steve osunsami has this story. >> reporter: what a wakeup call. >> how far is it sinking? >> it's just cracking. the whole house and the floors are cracking. >> reporter: it was five this morning, and a giant sinkhole was swallowing homes and destroying the peace in this florida neighborhood. >> it looks like a meteor hit it, or the earth opened. >> reporter: it opened up 70 feet wide and 50 feet deep. police rushed seven families from their homes. then they asked for quiet, while they listened to see if it's still growing. >> right now we're asking everyone to stay in place except for the homes we have evacuated. >> reporter: this is as close as we can get to the sinkhole because officials here believe it is still moving. you can see the pool that everyone is talking about there that crashed into the center of this. you can see the pool cleaner still over there. it's very, very deep. sinkholes happen all over america. this one was caught on camera in louisiana sucking trees into swamp. but florida is sinkhole central, and this is the area they call sinkhole alley, with a
. rethink possible. "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: how are you, folks? how are you folks doing today? [cheering] thank you, everybody! welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we have a good one for you today. folks returning for the third day. from miami, florida, it's the anderson family. [cheering] and we've got a family coming back returning for their fifth and final day. it's a bring-back, folks. from elmhurst, illinois, it's the mastrino family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash. and remember today, if the mastrino family wins today, th
sponsor. >> good evening vice president wu members of the commission. i am steve williams and represent the project sponsor john strickland who is here with dave sternberg of the sternberg architect firm. in may of this year i represented the families who have owned the building to the west directly next door since 1965 and just to give you a little perspective on this very busy corner. here is a photograph. it's also in my brief at page five. here's the family's building. here's the subject building and next door is the chevron station. molly stones is on a conner and another gas station there. they started out with grave concerns about the project and they attended the pre-application meeting, and the variance hearing and after that we followed mr. sanchez's advice and meet and confer about the project and see if we could come to a agreement. these developers were willing to give a tremendous amount. they redesigned the neighborhood essentially to help the neighbors and these neighbors live there. doreen who teaches the dance class for my daughter lives next door and they mad
the decision you make >> the next speaker and in addition to the names i've called. >> i'm steve i'm a representative for the la crafts. i've been work in san francisco for the past 33 years and for the past many years i've been wondering boo about piers thirty and 32 now we're presented with an opportunity to build something incredible on those two piers a state of the arc center that's between our golden gate bridge. besides building all the things this project is going to stand out like i said to me it's in a perfect spot. along the waterfront i've heard it's not good but i think it's good. i ask the commissioners to please support this project and the buildings. thank you very much >> thank you. thank you, president fong and commissioners i'm dennis. i teach in the san francisco public high schools and around the diamond consulting education practice i've been developing sports mruthsz for many years i want to thank the warriors and i have been proposing to the warriors that they include the classrooms inside the arena. i want to thank them for moving their community room insi
in the audiences. bond council we have steve mall khan, joe watson, bob gamble and from the underwriteers jay chasmsky and della rosa. and that, i or the team would be happy to answer any questions. >> do you have [inaudible] laughed >> thank you so much. before we move on to commentary from commissioners, is there any public comment on this item? i have no sticker cards. do we have any public comment on this item 5a? okay. >> good afternoon, doctors jackson. i'm sorry i was late coming in. i'm not here today to be disagreement to anything that you are to do. i'm here to ask that you and the audience and those that are listening when i go to the store on the streets people stop me and thank me for coming and supporting their community. and i have never asked anything of anyone. but what i'm asking for all of you today to pray for me as i pray for you. pray for your neighbors, pray for the seniors, pray for our youth and pray for the city. today will be the last time that i will come before this committee. the only thing that i would like to say is that when the infrastructure committee was
. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome steve hengineg executive director metropolitan transportation commission. >> good afternoon, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the toll bridge program oversight committee and my committee colleagues, and the director of cal transand the executive director of the california transportation commission, it is my great pleasure to welcome you at long last, to the opening ceremonies for the new east band of the san francisco oakland bay bridge. that is an applause line. [ applause ] >> i know that you joined me in thanking the oakland institute color guard and the choir, and their wonderful presentation and our ceremonies. [ applause ] >> and i guess that i will not ask you if it is hot enough. and it certainly is, so do please, keep cool and gentleman take off your jackets if you need to and keep the water going and keep an eye on your neighbor. and i'm going to ask you to rise again and that might create more air to hear our invocation from the reverend jay junior, from the oakland baptist church. >> let us pray. oh,
to be a pg & e problem. is that correct? >> i can actually get back to you on that one. is steve here? so i will get back to you on that one. >> yes, ma'am. >> that's it. >> thank you, vice-president caen. >> i still don't have a grasp on it before we start the timeline that you made out if we can have a little bit more of a presentation on it, like what the parameters of revenue h versus revenue b bonds and what it can be for. i didn't really understand it and what does that really mean, is it just for infrastructure, programming. some of the other additional questions that it raised for me. i know that it's in the communications section right now, but i don't know if the next meeting or sometime before january if you can walk us through what it means so we can have more of an interaction and ask questions specifically on the implications. >> we'd be happy to do that. we'll coordinate with the general manager on the schedule and we'll look forward to that. >> anything else on communications? is there any public comment on item no. 5, communications? seeing none. public comment is now clo
is steve mcdonalds and -- frommen nearing. men men -- engineering if you can raise your hand. these talented individuals, if trisha can raise her hand. they are here to hear your comments firsthand. so not to put anybody on the spot, there is about 5-8 questions that will be helpful for you to weigh in as i did in policy related items to tea up things when we come to you in march, we are presenting you ideas that you care most about for our customers as well as for the stewardship of the commission. so, big picture. what has been accomplished so far is that we have worked with koirls since last january and nearly complete the cost of work and we want to get your input there. big picture here is we'll go through objectives required by the charter, some background timeline and what the key policy drivers maybe that you would want to weigh in on and then give you a brief view of what you are going to be seeing. as part of the rate study it allocates cost in our 10-year financial plan, our budget and all of our projections and will provide for you as policy makers as well as staf
services. mr. todd park is the chief technology aufrgs ot united states. mr. steve van rokel is the chief information officer of the united states. okay. and pursuant to the rules, as many of you have not been here before to see, i'd ask that you all rise to take a sworn oath. please raise your right hands. do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony you're about to give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. let the record -- please be seated. >>> let the record reflect that all witnesses answered in the affirmative. this is a large panel and it's sfoing to be a long day. i suspect witnesses will be asked questions by both sides of the aisle. i would ask that you adhere to the time clock and come to a halt as quickly as possible when it hits red. please, understand, yellow is not an opportunity to start a new subject. it is an opportunity to wrap up. and with that, we'll go to our distinguished guests. >> we appreciate the opportunity to help uncover complex it ak wi zigtss. and now, we are faced with more visible projects. these complex projects can be deli
." >> definitely stephen colbert. sheer brilliance. >> steve carell. >> and we also have chris said kelsey grammer from cheers to frazier falls into seattle. >> he was solid. a lot of good once out there. let's leave you as we head into "morning joe" "morning joe" wit from robin williams. >> remember me mork from ork. you once called me the nutso from outer space. >> i think i'm dreaming something like that, you know. ♪ >> people look at what's taken place in washington and they say not enough is getting done to help me with my life. and regardless of what congress does i'm the president of the united states and they expect me to do something about it. i think it's legitimate for me to win back some credibility
. joining me now with reaction, steve king. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. first of all, we have to get it on the table. this jug just delays the madness. we'll be back here a year from now. >> we are in the same madness sooner. he can't fulfill the promise because the insurance companies have to opt in. and the insured need to also opt in. no way that becomes 100% of people get to keep their policy. his restatement of the gra grandfather clause, if premiums went up that disqualified the policies. this is a lot of rhetoric in a desperate president trying to react to democrat push back. the senators went to the white house. the democrats voted with the president on this. this is panic mode for the president of the united states. >> instead of saying, okay, i made the promise. i will keep my promise. the president has delayed the inevitable here. i think it's obvious, but why do you think he did it? >> this is a political problem for the president. this is the political solution to his political problem. it isn't about the people. it's about the political problems of the democratic
. >> they call it your hot shot of the morning. look who it is. it's steve and his son peter adweek. there's duck dynasty and you guys are fox dynasty. >> brian kilmeade is once again a best-selling author. >> who is that in the background? you ruin everything, elisabeth. >> i ruined the family photo. >> what a great book. >> thanks for coming. there is a picture of me kissing you. >> where is ray kelly going next? >> we're going to talk about it next with that woman right there. governor sarah palin. ♪ ♪ >> anna kooiman has been chosen honorary duck master. >> national teddy bear day. >> that's right. so excited. marching scarlet knights of rutgers university performing live. ♪ ♪ >> you had the bieber before the bieber. >> you look so sally jesse rafael there. >> a bird, a plane, the lone ranger. >> i bought it for halloween. >> we were supposed to have a picture that shows your eyes whether they're sparkling and what do they do? they put up a picture of brian with a mask. >> i'm five years old. >> i need to see that picture at least once a week. >> they put it on the website too. >> goo
evacuations. abc's steve osunsami is there right now with some very, very nervous local residents. steve? >> reporter: good morning, josh. authorities here aren't wasting any time. they've already got dump trucks on the way. one of them here. and they're tearing down the fence in front of these two homes, in front of the hole, preparing to push these homes into the hole and cover it with sand. this whole affair has frightened residents in this neighborhood. it's a big one. 70 feet wide, 50 feet deep. swallowed a swimming pool. nearly swallowed a boat. seven families rushed from their homes in florida. >> it looks like a meteor hit it. or the earth just opened up. >> reporter: michael dupree said his family was asleep and called the police when they heard the sound of the sinkhole swallowing their home. >> how far is it sinking? >> it's just cracking. the whole house and the floors are cracking. >> reporter: they ran for their lives. he left his wedding ring behind. firefighters went back inside to find it. >> they broke in the window in the back, before it came down. grabbed it and got i
"! >> announcer: the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. >>> boo-yah, jim? >> boo-yah, steve. >> caller: from st. louis, minnesota. >> a big sunny san diego boo-yah to ya. >> yeah, charger boo-yah? >> caller: hey, jim, it's nathaniel in the great city of virginia beach, a great big boo-yah. how you doing today? >> i'm going to give you an alan iverson boo-yah. >> okay. >> what are we talking about? practice? practice? >> and as of today, go-go is now giving you a remarkable 56% gain in the aftermarket. and that's from when it became public. and that's over the course of less than five months -- i'm trying to fight a sneeze. [ sneezes ] it's better to fight it than sneeze. [ sneezes ] . take a look at this. take a look at nov's daily chart. the fabulous cup and handle formation. the one that looks like a little tea coming up with the handle on the right side. the cup and handle! oh, boy. holy cow. an inverse head and shoulders pattern. see? well, i was trying to make a smiley face. yeah, see, filled in, boom. that's a bullish crossover, where the black line goes above the red
the obama administration. then, of course, steve stockman of texas. he famously invited the offensive rodeo clown in a president obama mask to his state. and brought ted nugent to the state of the union. stay classy, steve. but the list wouldn't be complete without michele bachmann. who once called president obama anti-american, and claimed obama care was, quote, the crown jewel of socialism. so let's recap. we have birthers and impeachers. but enough of me talking. let's hear from them. shall we? >> we want all tools available to use, including that impeachment. >> are you a birther, then? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> this administration has so many muslim brotherhood members, that have influence, that they just are making wrong decisions for america. >> let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. >> pathetic. pathetic. did they think we disthey're the all-star team of conspiracy theorists that would make glenn beck proud? do they think we don't know what this really is about? this isn't even close to a nice try. but impeach
housing clinic. those people are really good, thank you, steve collier. yeah, i don't know what to do about it. i have thoughts about, they could have some kind of mental health survey that property owners would have to take and if it disclosed that they were incapable of feeling either compassion or ethical standards they would be prohibited from owning property. yeah. but meanwhile i do appreciate the efforts, what you are trying to do. it's a step. it's a step. but it is a crisis, as people have been saying, and i have to say after listening to all the other people and their stories, this is a case where misery does not like company. i wish nobody had to go through what i went through. the only reason i'm still in san francisco is because at the last minute when i was totally freaking out i was introduced to somebody whose roommate was moving out. so basically at the age of 67 i moved into a room in an apartment with a complete stranger. >> thank you very much. >> where i still live, i'm 75 now. thank you. >> thank you, ma'am. next speaker. >> hi, my name is andy blue. thank you,
to call on marlo knight, i'm sorry. next speaker. >> good afternoon, members of the board, steve callier, tenderloin housing clinic as well as all the other housing groups are supporting this broad package of local legislation to limit the incentive to do he will ils act and speculative evictions. i want to talk a little bit to supervisor yee's question which is sort of what is driving this. one thing i always tell people is that i'm glad now the lexicon has become accepted by even the mayor, these are speculators. these aren't land lords who are doing this, these are speculators and the speculation comes from a lot of money that's coming in to fund the speculators now that we have an era of relatively easy money. the fed window is at zero, you have a lot of wall street money, money throughout the country in that is coming in funding this speculation and it's cheap money so it can do a lot of damage. we find time and time again that the land lords who own these buildings are not the ones invoking the ellis act. when they sell or die or retire, whatever reason, the speculators come in l
the obamacare supporters, putting out an email targetting new york congressman steve israel and is read: >> was that a warning shot across the bow not just for red state democrats, but blue state democrats that they will be tarred with obamacare? >> yes, republicans have a strategy. john boehner announced the strategy after the end of the shutdown and when he spoke to the republican caucus. he said, "remember our strategy for stopping obamacare - it is tarted legislative strikes aimed at shattering the legislative coalition that the president used to force this law on the nation. namely what they want to do is split the democrats. they want to have democrats cowering in terror over having to run next year with a burden of defending the law, and the expectation is a lot of democrats will defect and the upton bill will pass the house. the danger is it could pass the senate. the president will veto it, it could be a situation with the democratic coalition shattered to pieces. that is the republican strategy. >> more than 3.5 years later after this was signed into law we are still discussin
. migration in most religious and steve subject right now. following last month's murder of russian ninety eight tobacco allegedly at the hands of the azerbaijan migrants. i was going to poland. she has firmly in the spotlight. and not succumb to this one just now since it still is. we went to market something else goes that most guys trying to move into the lead on the agenda the president of the russian federation appointment. despite getting fried permission to film it soon became clear. for since no one. you rush in the white house to repeat myself the song ends with the saints. we eventually set so far into being away from the market. the bill as is the deciding game in hand suspected some illegal activities though corps morning of thousands of migrants some of the main off of work permits or residence permits that the number of migrants the most elite on to calculate the best estimates the figure of around one quarter of the population and according to official statistics one in fight mode is twenty two breaks of one and three robberies carried out by migrants. heal thirty z came to
for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i did. sells. steve. you long ruling will. hsus toxic. also i wouldn't eat so we decided to daddy up to the mosque is destroyed all production to sit in the question now is to wet wild and weapons washington tries to one coaching multimillion dollar british inquiry into the race of the iraq invasion. ok so trivial as a painful cry and trips between versions. and america's openingy
think should be covered if they don't. steve commonwealth's he's in and steal the highest excellence in the fifty three countries what does it play on the web stats but when you have to knock it off but no they do to ensure that schools don't want it and you really have to get it over to your point that the commonwealth state of the blog affiliate applicant the area will be a shuttle that it prevented it the kids off with a half court trap to fall off the kitchen so that they now on. at office till two thousand and twelve he took pictures. both of these but they have come up with a shock to the kid they don't think people ought to go with the ball but the good governance and of course i can thank for that he and kidman got bought out that i got the call to talk to stop thinking that that meant that country the work that chapter not the walk but the connection between them and want to happen occupation at the top twenty in the winter but what they can actually do it without the binky was sitting on a link to the core body of a band member country and think of it after the flop and po
with congress on a larger improvement. steve and virginia on our republican line. you are on the "washington journal." what do you think about these proposed fixes? going tohey are not work. they are trying to print money to cover up their corruption and incompetence. every man, woman, and child a $5,000 credit card that will be activated the minute you get a cold. then if somebody's catastrophic plan cannot be funded with that go to your congressional district and have more money loaded onto it. it will give every man, woman, and child in this country a health-care savings account. it would be their responsibility to look after their own needs. we would start treating people like adults instead of a bunch of children. democrats do not -- do not believe in treating people like children. tweets.ts of treat -- here is a slew of them. where does obama get the authority to change laws? says, how can the white house make changes to the law without an act of congress? how many have actually read the fix to the bill. will this only make things worse? president trying to provide cover for geo--- cov
have in the military world? >> thank you. >> sorry i've been so long. >> final question. >> steve shapiro atlantic council member. i want to push back a little on jason's comment that it's the techies on one side and war fighting on the other side and use that to get to barry's point which is probably from my perspective the major point of the day, of the panel. in a meeting i had in the end of '11 with the latvian presidential cyber team, it was disclosed to my group that the major cyber problem latvia faced was not war fighting problems but most every operating simoned by civilians throughout the country was purchased on the black market. the black market, of course, was produced in the east. as a result, it was estimated in december of '11 that 80% of personal computers in latvia were affected with bot-nets controlled by some mysterious third party. the idea in the techies in the war fighting are separate in this regard need to be blended. because latvia viewed that as a major national security threat including one of the presidential team's own pc as he bought his system on th
. he said that incognito harassed him until he left the team. dolphins owner steve ross said he will meet with martin as well. >>> one of the biggest sports stars of the world is calling it quits. retiring after a 24-year cricket career, and he leaves with rock star celebrity as you see here. thousands line the streets of mumbai, his hometown. his last international match began today in mumbai. he ranks 51st on forbes list of world's richest. >>> and reports from official league baseball obstructed the florida department of health by purchasing clinical papers that they knew was likely stolen and told not to obtain. the bio genesis center is at the center solving performance-enhancing drugs used by ou other players. >> still to come on al jazeera america, "techknow" when we come back a new way to fight pesky mosquito bites. stay with us. >> welcome back, everyone, to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. people in the philippines are still reeling from the devastating affects of super typhoon haiyan. the u.n. said running water has been restored to some parts o
the palace two years in a row they can call it anything they want. steve johnson, north dakota. miller's mind must be a wondrous and frightening place. we'll never know, thank god. from hong kong. you said that the romans has to kill jesus to keep control of the jewish population. as i recall it was jewish fa pharisees. >> they couldn't force the administrator to do anything. pilot made the call. finally tonight, factor tip of the day. one of the reasons so many americans are over weight is we snack like crazy, consuming sugar and salt all over. when you're hungry, celery, not going to cut it. sometimes we need comfort food. i was reading a publication called bottom line. a doctor said sometimes when you feel hungry, you are really thirsty. he recommends before grabbing a snickers or whatever you drink water. often the hunger goes away. the craving for the snack. but not always. so try the water deal. if you're still hungry, grab something that tastes good and limit it. you know, i've got the haagen-dasz ice cream thing. you can't have it more than twice a week though. if you want to keep the
. they did a similar thing last year. but lebron james, steve nash and derek rose and james harden. you'll be able to catch all of the nba action here on abc7, jingle bells, and our sister network espn christmas day, including warriors taking on clippers. >> it's fun. >> yes. it is. >> well, a north carolina photographer showing off mazing shots of an elk. but the real story is how he managed to get them. >> yes. start with photos these photos of the elk up close and personal on the side of the road perhaps better pictures came from another camera. >> yes. here is how he got the shots going head to head. or head to antler was the elk. seems playful and nuzzling. you can see the animal does become increasingly and understanding bli angry >> he came up peacefully enough. he was grazing along side of the road i was hoping he'd sniff and move away. but he didn't. he was lowering his arms down, coming at me. fairly aggressive i'm thinking don't show fear. >> yes. don't show fear. he's three inch as way. york considered himself lucky claiming he's happy the olk quote, took me for a buck and
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